SAL was established 27 years ago and employs 226 persons and from the 5th of July 2022 the Company is part of Scan Global Logistics, Denmark.

These pictures show the Tsing Ma Bridge which goes to & from the Hong Kong, SAR airport at Chep Lap Kok, one of the aircraft of Hong Kong’s major airline, the Lamma channel through which passes all ocean borne commerce and the SAL logistics facility with Hong Kong Island in the background.

Our business development continues with the expansion Sea-Air Logistics (Shanghai) Ltd with seven offices strategically located in China and the addition of an office in Singapore to cover the South-East Asia markets and a representative based in Mexico.

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Sea-Air Logistics (SAL) Supply-Chain professionals and providers of Air & Ocean Freight Forwarding & Logistic Services since 1995.

SAL is AEO Accredited and ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO 28000 and TAPA Audited and Certified.

SAL is in the first award in Hong Kong (number RF0002) of the RACSF (Regulated Air Cargo Screening Facility) issued by the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department on the 14th June 2019.

SAL accredited RA3 validation on 24th December 2019 by the European Union (EU). RA3 stands for Regulated Agent 3rd Country.