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English/Metric converter

English to Metric
From To Multiply by
inches mm 25.4
inches cm 2.54
inches meters 0.0254
feet meters 0.3048
yards meters 0.9144
miles km 1.6093
square inches square cm 6.4516
square feet square meter 0.0929
square yards square meter 0.8361
square miles square km 2.59
acres hectares 0.4047
cubic inches cubic cm 16.387
cubic inches liter 0.01639
cubic feet cubic meter 0.02832
cubic feet liter 28.3169
cubic yard cubic meter 0.7646
fluid oz cubic cm 29.573
US gallon cubic meter 0.00379
US gallon liter 3.7854
ounces grams 28.35
ounces Kg 0.02835
pounds Kg 0.4536
pounds metric tons 0.00045
US tons Kg 907.18
US tons metric tons 0.9072
long tons Kg 1016.05
long tons metric tons 1.016
Metric to English
From To Multiply by
mm inches 0.03937
cm inches 0.3937
meters inches 39.37
meters feet 3.281
meters yards 1.0936
km miles 0.6214
square cm square inches 0.155
square meter square feet 10.764
square meter square yard 1.196
square km square miles 0.3861
hectares acres 2.471
cubic cm cubic inches 0.06102
cubic cm fluid oz 0.03381
cubic meter cubic feet 35.3147
cuber meter cubic yard 1.308
cubic meter US gallon 264.17
liter cubic inches 61.024
liters cubic feet 0.03531
liter US gallon 0.2642
grams ounces 0.03527
Kg ounces 35.274
Kg pounds 2.205
Kg US tons 0.0011
Kg long tons 0.00098
metric tons pounds 2204.62
metric tons US tons 1.1023
metric tons long tons 0.9842


Sea-Air Logistics (SAL) Supply-Chain professionals and providers of Air & Ocean Freight Forwarding & Logistic Services since 1995.

SAL is AEO Accredited and ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO 28000 and TAPA Audited and Certified.

SAL is in the first award in Hong Kong (number RF0002) of the RACSF (Regulated Air Cargo Screening Facility) issued by the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department on the 14th June 2019.

SAL accredited RA3 validation on 24th December 2019 by the European Union (EU). RA3 stands for Regulated Agent 3rd Country.